If you want to learn more about music, go beyond your limits, and work in a relaxed but creative atmosphere with some of the best mentors in the region, our Music camp is the best option for you.

The stunning beauty of one of the most vibrant Croatian islands creates the ideal atmosphere for developing your potentials in the best possible way. Choose one of the three offered programs, apply, and spend 7 amazing days on Krk.

Guitar 2024

for music school students, prior knowledge of playing the classical guitar required

 Music in steps

for elementary school students, no prior knowledge required (keyboards, guitar, ukulele i modern singing) 

Music in steps junior

 music and art workshops for preschoolers, no prior knowledge required

Music camp

Music camp provides an opportunity for additional education of talented, gifted, and motivated children who want to learn and improve on their professional path, as well as for those who are just starting their own musical journey.

The idea of learning, socializing, and living together as a group for several days through a music camp was first realized in 2021, and despite the conditions of that time, confirmed how irreplaceable such a camp is for a meaningful development and improvement of future musicians, regardless of their age.

The feedback of the participants and their parents, as well as visible and significant improvement in the participants’ knowledge and skills have just additionally confirmed the quality of such an idea. Taking into consideration the results and experience of the first camp, it is our goal to create programs that improve in quality and offer each year.

Goals of the camp


Encouraging connection and socialization between young musicians with prior knowledge of playing the classical guitar and young people who are still discovering their musical affinities.


Tailoring the appropriate approach for each student to enable their musical development based on their personal abilities and preferences.


Expression through other forms of art and strengthening the skill of teamwork and playing music with others.


Implementing various approaches throughout the workshops to become aware of the importance of caring for the wellbeing of the body and the spirit.

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