Antonio Rumenović

Antonio Rumenović, academic musician, guitarist, and guitar teacher.

Prof.Antonio Rumenovic, born on 30th May 1983 in Varaždin, Croatia, now also working in Varaždin and Zagreb, Croatia. He finished Elementary music school and High music school in Varazdin, in class of prof. Moreno Vincekovic. In 2001, he enroled into Music academy „Ino Mirkovic“ Lovran, Croatia, in class of prof. Carlo Marchione and assistant Neno Munitic. Graduated 2005. in University of Zagreb at Academy of Music, in class of prof. Istvan Romer. In 2006. enrolls to Postgraduated study and Master’s degree study in Hogeschool vor Musik at Conservatiorum Maastricht, Netherland and gets Master’s degree in June 2008, in class of prof. Carlo Marchione.

As a student, he recieved gratest honor at guitarist competition „Ivan Padovec“ in Zagreb, 2005. where he recieved an invitation to be the guest of honour by Miroslav Miletic, most famous Croatian composer, at final concert of event “The Music Days of Miroslav Miletic” in Sisak, Croatia.

As a musician he performed around Croatia and Europe – Netherland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia. Since 2011, he is an active member of chamber ensemble „Laurum“.

After graduation in 2005. starts working in Art school „Fortunat Pintaric“ in Koprivnica, Croatia, where he worked until 2019.. With his great love to guitar, classical music and teaching he achieved many notable successes with his students: they compete on almost every competition in Europe and continuously accomplish high rankings.

For his teaching and students achievements, he recieved highest award in Croatia from Education and Teacher Training Agency, a part of Institute of Education of the Republic of Croatia, for excellence in working with students in academic year 2010/2011 and 2014/2015.

In last eight years he is a member of jury in various guitar competitions (Zagreb Guitar Festival, Festival Internacinal de Gutarra Guimaraes, Omiš Guitar Fest, Enrico Mercatali Gorizia, Tremolo Skopje, Sarajevo International Guitar Festival, Guitar Art Beograd, Porečki Tirando, Pula Guitar Fest, Sonus Križevci…) and is active as a lecturer and masterclass teacher.

Also is a Vicepresident of Classical guitarists’ Association „Allegro“ Koprivnica. „Allegro“ has many projects from organizing concerts and masterclasses, but the main project is „Summer guitar school Koprivnica“ where he is Artistic director and main lecturer since 2011.

From 2016. he is acting as “Zagreb Guitar Festival” competition coordinator. From 2017. he is acting as EuroStrings Competition Coordinator.

Neno Munitić

Neno Munitić master of musical arts and prof.

After winning the 1st absolute prize at the 8th international guitar competition “Citta di Casarza Ligure” 2002.Italy, performs as a soloist and as a member of various chamber ensembles throughout Europe.

For the last 30 years, he has been engaged in intensive pedagogical work in several countries at various institutions. He also worked as an assistant to prof. Carlo Marchione at the ”Ino Mirković” College of Musical Arts in Lovran and then as a Senior Lecturer at the same institution. For the past ten years, he has been working as a teacher in the OGŠ “Lovro pl. Matačić” in Omiš and as a teacher in SGŠ “Makarska“.

His students and pupils have won more than 70 absolute first prizes at international and national competitions. Due to his success in teaching, he has received numerous awards from state institutions related to education, and in recent years, special awards as a mentor to students who won the “Oscars of Knowledge” for winning 1st place at state competitions in various solo and chamber categories.

In addition to pedagogic work, he is also engaged in composing, and in addition to popular and stage music, he composes pieces for the guitar and various chamber ensembles. He received special credit for the successful international guitar festival “Omis Guitar Fest“.

He regularly holds master workshops and acts as president and member of the jury at numerous international competitions Gorizia (Italy), Pleven guitar fest (Bulgaria), Sarajevo guitar fest (BiH), Zruč nad Sazavou (Czech Republic), Bale (Croatia), Montenegro guitar fest (Montenegro), Tirana guitar fest (Albania), Skopje tremolo (Macedonia), etc.

Monika Krajnc Štih

Monika Krajnc Štih teaches at the music school and the secondary school of arts in Velenje, Slovenija.

She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree and Masters with Martin Mysliveček at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Graz, Austria. In her Masters dissertation she researched the life of one of the most important guitarists, Ida Presti and for this purpose she interviewed the revered guitarist and composer, John W. Duarte, and published the interview in the dissertation. She has attended guitar seminars with professors Jerko Novak, Istvan Romer, Tomaž Lorenz, Abel Carlevaro, David Crosky, John W. Duarte, Pavel Steidl.

As a secondary school student she won many first prizes when competing solo or with chamber music. She released a CD of compositions for a guitar duo with her husband Boris. They were one of the first guitar duos in Slovenia. Since then, she has performed as a soloist or a member of various chamber ensembles.

She has dedicated a big part of her teaching career to developing guitar orchestra – not just at the music school in Velenje, but in the whole country. The guitar orchestra of music school Velenje won a first prize and performed with the orchestra of ZGF 2017 Zagreb Guitar Festival.

Her students are achieving the highest recognition awards and prizes at competitions on a national and international level.

She is also a member of juries in regional, national and international competitions, as well as a technical advisor for the national competition for young musicians TEMSIG.

Anđela Jerkunica

Anđela Jerkunica was born in Split, where she resides today. She grew up surrounded by music (her father was an opera singer, and her brother Marin Jerkunica is a guitarist), and she remembers the sound of the guitar since early childhood. She started playing the guitar at the age of seven. She finished high school as a student of professor Mario Peručić, and she graduated from the Academy of Music in Zagreb, where she studied under professor Ante Čagalj. She continued her professional development by studying under professor Goran Listeš at “Visoka škola za glazbenu umjetnost ‘Ino Mirković’” in Lovran, and attending numerous seminars and workshops held by prominent guitar pedagogues from Croatia and abroad (Z. Dukić, A. Desiderio, P. Steidl, D. Petrinjak, M. Brčić, I. Romer, A. Vidović, C. Marchione, X. Sahatxija, C. Cotsiolis, L. Kuropaczewski, D. Karajić, P. Ceku, D. Ivanović, etc.).

In 2001 she received the Annual award from the Croatian association of music and dance pedagogues for her success in the field of music education throughout the years. Her students have won prestigious awards in Croatia and abroad.

She realizes her love for music through several chamber music ensembles, and since 2009 she has been a member of the “Amicorde guitar trio”.

She is a regular member of the jury at regional and international competitions and is a lecturer at seminars and masterclasses. She is a member of the Croatian association of guitar pedagogues, and since 2011 she has been a member of the Croatian professional exam Committee. She has participated in the organization of the international competition for young musicians ‘Daleki akordi’ for many years. She is head of the Inter-county professional council of guitar teachers. In 2016 she was promoted to teacher mentor, and in 2021 to teacher advisor.

She currently works as a teacher at the Josip Hatze Music School in Split, where she has also been head of the guitar, mandolin, and harp department since 2009.

Matija Kučić

Matija Kučić, mag. mus. was born in 1993 in Koprivnica. In 2008 he finished Antun Nemčić Gostovinski elementary school and Fortunat Pintarić art school. He graduated from Ivan Zakmardi Dijankovečki Gymnasium and Albert Štriga Music High School in Križevci in 2012. In the same year he enrolled into the Arts Academy in Split, where he studied classical guitar. He graduated from the Academy in 2017.

He has participated in numerous international competitions in Croatia and abroad as a soloist and a member of chamber music ensembles and has won many awards, including the first prize at the Regional competition of pupils and students of music, organized by the Croatian association of music and dance pedagogues in 2017. During high school he was a member of the Albert Štriga Music High School Tambura orchestra. As the member of the orchestra he has won numerous first prizes, including the first prize and first place at the state competition in Dubrovnik in 2009, the first prize Cum laude at the international orchestra competition in Neerpelt, Belgium in 2009, and the first prize at the state competition in Dubrovnik in 2011. Since 2011 he has been a member of the tambura chamber music ensemble at the Albert Štriga Music High School. That same year the ensemble won the first place and the first prize at the state competition of chamber music ensembles in Opatija. For that he received a certificate from the Croatian Agency for Education for his remarkable results and first place at the state competition in the school year 2011/2012.

In the school year 2014/15 he started working as a guitar teacher at the Petar Kanavelić Elementary Music School in Korčula, while still studying at the Academy. In 2015/16 he started working at Josip Hatze Music School in Split, Jelsa department, and in 2016/17 in Boris Papandopulo Private Music School in Split. He currently works as classical guitar teacher at Fortunat Pintarić Art School in Koprivnica and mentors young artists who participate and achieve great results at state and international competitions.

In the school year 2021/2022 he was proclaimed the best teacher in the town of Koprivnica. In 2023 he received the award “Oskar znanja”, awarded by the Croatian Agency for Education for his mentorship. He organizes numerous cultural events through which he tries to promote the cultural scene of the local community and include as many people as possible in the cultural life of the town.

Alongside his job, he is a student of the University North, where he studies Digital economy and innovations. His scientific interests are focused on the development of the modern education system, fostering cultural innovations, design thinking, knowledge management, digital transformation, and business intelligence.

Petar Čulić

Petar Čulić was born on 26 June 1986 in Split. He received a Master’s degree in July 2008 at the Arts Academy of the University of Split in the class of professor Goran Listeš. He was enrolled at the Academy as “especially gifted” before graduating from high school. He was a recipient of two Rector’s awards in the academic year 2005/06 for excellence in studying and for outstanding artistic achievements. The author continues his education with the postgraduate studies in Koblenz (Germany) at the “Koblenz International Guitar Academy“ in the class of professor Hubert Käppel, where he graduated in May, 2010. He teaches on Academy of culture and art in Osijek. Petar Čulić has had performances on 6 continents in more than 30 countries in numerous cities like Washington, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Cairo, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Vienna, Perth, Brussels, Brasilia, Cali, Curitiba, Rome, Athens, Doha, New York, Budapest, Pretoria and Madrid. He played as a soloist with Rheinische Philharmonie, Symphony Orchestra of Brasilian National Theatre Claudio Santoro in Brasilia, Mozart orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of the city of Curitiba, Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra, Croatian Musical Youth Chamber String Orchestra, CNT Split orchestra and others. At the European Week in Brazil in 2018, he represented the European Union and Croatia, and he also performed at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (France) in 2019. Besides five first prizes as a soloist and three first prizes as a member of chamber music ensembles in national competitions, he has also won approximately twenty prizes at international competitions that had no age limit, most significant of them are first places at the “Gitarrenfestival Gevelsberg” (Gevelsberg, Germany, 2013) and “Winter Guitar Festival” (Volos, Greece, 2007). He is the only Croatian representative who won during the ten years of “Omiš Guitar Fest” (2013). He is the winner of a series of concerts by young musicians “Maestro Vinko Lesić 2013/2014” and guitar competition “Ivan Padovec” held in 2005 in Zagreb. He is the winner of a number of awards and recognitions for his mentoring and artistic work for the year 2021 – Annual Award of the Croatian Association of Music and Dance Teachers; the award of Split-Dalmatia County prefect for the most successful mentors at national competitions; plaque of the city of Omiš; the Award for mentorship of the city of Omiš and 2 oscars of knowledge. He recorded 3 CDs. In the new project, 11 world famous composers for classical guitar composed a new composition and dedicated it to Petar, and the premiere of all 11 compositions was in August 2020 at the international festival "Omis Guitar Fest". Those were 10 new compositions and 1 remake of a composition that was originally written for a trio (cello and 2 guitars). They are Sergio Assad, Dušan Bogdanović, Angelo Gilardino, Ernesto Cordero, Štepan Rak, Vojislav Ivanović, Gerard Drozd, Stephen Goss, Francis Kleynjans, Atanas Ourkouzounov and Jaime M. Zenamon. He was a Croatian member of the jury at the international competition of young musicians of all instruments – Virtuosos V4+. Together with maestro Placido Domingo, he personally made the decision on who of the Croatian contestants would enter the finals, and that was a TV show that has reached 70 million viewers. Petar Čulić is an official representative of D’Addario strings and Accord Case, and he plays a guitar by Leonardo de Gregorio.

Nataša Črnugelj

Nataša Črnugelj studied under the guidance of prof. Andrej Grafenauer and prof. Tomaž Rajterič at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and graduated in the first generation of guitar graduates. During her schooling, she competed very successfully in national competitions of the Republic of Slovenia and improved her knowledge at numerous seminars with internationally renowned professors.

She started her teaching career as a high school student and gained experience at the Domžale Music School, the Franc Šturm Music School in Ljubljana and the Sežana Music School, and since 1995 she has been employed at the Postojna Music School. Nataša has been an indispensable mentor to students and chamber groups at numerous public events, she was the head of the school guitar department for several years, and from 2009 to 2015 she was also the head of the Guitar alliance of Primorska Music schools in Slovenia.

Her students have been awarded forty gold, thirteen silver and three bronze plaquettes, and have won twenty-six prizes at numerous international and national competitions, including five absolute victories.

Nataša Črnugelj is a member of the juries for solo guitar and guitar duos, and a TEMSIG expert on the selection of competition programmes. Many of her most successful pupils were invited to record Radio Koper's youth radio programmes, and she was also a mentor to many of them when they were taking the music grammar school entrance exams. Her former pupils are among the most renowned musicians and teachers in Slovenia, some of whom have gone on to excellent careers abroad. She was one of the first guitar teachers who were connecting with professional societies abroad and organising the first training courses and recitals for domestic teachers under the guidance of renowned foreign musicians and lecturers. She regularly teaches at summer guitar schools and is co-founder of the international music festival "Guitar Week in Postojna".

In recognition for her professional work in the field of education and culture, she has received:

Gerbič Award of the Slovenian Music Schools Association 2023

Silver Award of the Municipality of Postojna 2014

Vilhar Award of the Municipality of Postojna 2023